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Current Persona.

LVL (01) | The Priestess
WEAK: Ice & Darkness | REFLECTS: N/A | ABSORBS: Light | BLOCKS: N/A | RESISTS: Fire

▶ Hama (30% chance of instant death by Light. 1 foe.)
▶ Mabufu (Inflicts a small amount of Ice damage on all enemies.)
▶ Agilao (Inflicts a medium amount of Fire damage on one enemy.)
▶ Zionga (Inflicts a medium amount of Lightning damage on one enemy.)
▷ Aques (Deal medium Water damage to one enemy.)
▷ Media (Recovers a small amount of HP to all allies. Can be used in the field.)
▷ Patra (Recover from Fear, Confusion, Charm and Rage. One ally.)
▷ Posumudi (Recover from Poison. One ally.)
★ Bird Song (50% chance of inflicting the Charm ailment + the ability to control said foe. 1 foe.)

* Garnet's Eidolons represent different elements. I know most Personas use only one to two elements, but I feel that her having four different elements is fitting. The only element I didn't cover for her was Shadow/Darkness because she is already using Light.

▶ Apt Pupil (Doubles the chance of delivering a Critical Hit.)
▷ Evade Physical (Triples evasion against Physical attacks.)
▷ Counterstrike (15% chance of repelling Physical attacks.)

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