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Out Of Character Information
Name: Riddle | [[personal profile] order_of_the_phoenix]
Age: 26
Time zone: -5 GMT
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Anything we should know?: I love the name of the game. :3

In Character Information
Name: PrincessQueen Garnet Til Alexandros XVII
Series: Final Fantasy IX
Canon Standing: Right after Queen Brahne's death on the shores of the Outer Continent.
Age: 16
Birthday & Astrology Sign: January 15th, 1784. That would make her a Capricorn.
Arcana: The Priestess.


It's perhaps unsurprising that, considering her sheltered upbringing in the Alexandrian castle, Garnet can be rather naive at times. There are certain (often unsavory) attributes about the outside world that she never encountered within the castle's walls. Upon encountering said (often unsavory) attributes, she tends to be surprised/shocked - though, it should be noted, that she doesn't allow herself to become disgusted or bitter. Garnet isn't afraid to face the world - or her people - with open eyes and an open heart.

However, despite her naiveté, Garnet can be (and often is) quite cunning. When she has her mind set on something (especially if it's for the good of Alexandria), she will find a way to do it. (As seen with Zidane and the Sleeping Weed.) Thus, for the most part, Garnet's cunning is not for personal gain.

In fact, Garnet doesn't think very highly of herself. She can be downright self-deprecating when she sees her people suffering or if she feels she hasn't done enough in any given situation. Garnet is someone who strives to be better (and stronger) each day and when she doesn't meet her own "mark", no one is harder on her than herself.

Yet Garnet is far braver than she realizes. Not only does she leave her safe haven (though it is honestly a cage), but she also chooses to trust and befriend those that are (at first sight) far different than her. Of course, as the game progresses, she sees that she shares many qualities with Alexandrians (as well as those from far off lands).

On a day to day basis and when interacting with others, Garnet is usually calm and steady. She won't easily reveal her hand or her plans - because, hey, someone might try to stop her. But she is perfectly open and willing to learn from others. However, at times, she will accidentally slip back into being overly formal (a Princess's training can't be washed away so easily) with her speech. Yet she's trying to fit in with her people - which will come in handy when she meets strangers in the game.


Relevant up to Queen Brahne's death. Once Garnet comes to terms that she is now the Queen of Alexandria, she will arrive in the game. I'd like to cite that moment as her "calling".

Canon Powers:
All of these links are useful.

Overall, I would classify her abilities as elemental. Each one of her Eidolons uses a different element, which I've tried to translate into her Persona's abilities. Alexander, of course, is her favorite Eidolon (and the protector of Alexandria), so that's why I've placed the Light power first.

Types of Attacks:

Berserk - Target constantly attacks. Attack and Speed are increased. Has a 75% base accuracy rate, but increases with Spirit. (Magic Racket is used.)

Mini - Target's attack and defense are drastically decreased. Has a 50% base accuracy, which improves with Spirit. (Magic Racket is used.)

(I have only listed the attacks she can use for her current equipment (i.e. the Magic Racket).)

However, when she summons her Eidolons, she has this range of Attacks:

Shiva (Diamond Dust) - Causes Ice damage to all enemies.

Ifrit (Flames of Hell) - Causes Fire damage to all enemies.

Ramuh (Judgement Bolt) - Causes Thunder damage to all enemies.

Atomos (G-Force 199) - Reduces all enemies' HP by a percentage.

Odin (Zantetsuken) - Causes KO to all enemies.

Leviathan (Tsunami) - Causes Water damage to all enemies.

Bahamut (Mega Flare) - Causes non-elemental damage to all enemies.

Ark (Eternal Darkness) - Causes Shadow damage to all enemies.

Canon Weapons|Items:

Her Healing Rod and her Magic Racket. Both of her weapons can be classified under Light, I believe.

Canon Allies:

While her Eidolons might fit into this category, by using their powers/abilities (at least element wise) in her Persona they no longer need to be present in order for her to access their abilities.

Canon Baggage:

The clothes on her back (as seen here (shoes and accessories included)), her cloak, her Healing Rod and Magical Racket (i.e. her two Light-based weapons).

LVL (01) | The Priestess
WEAK: Ice & Darkness | REFLECTS: N/A | ABSORBS: Light | BLOCKS: N/A | RESISTS: Fire

▶ Hama (30% chance of instant death by Light. 1 foe.)
▶ Mabufu (Inflicts a small amount of Ice damage on all enemies.)
▶ Agilao (Inflicts a medium amount of Fire damage on one enemy.)
▶ Zionga (Inflicts a medium amount of Lightning damage on one enemy.)
▷ Aques (Deal medium Water damage to one enemy.)
▷ Media (Recovers a small amount of HP to all allies. Can be used in the field.)
▷ Patra (Recover from Fear, Confusion, Charm and Rage. One ally.)
▷ Posumudi (Recover from Poison. One ally.)
★ Bird Song (50% chance of inflicting the Charm ailment + the ability to control said foe. 1 foe.)

* Garnet's Eidolons represent different elements. I know most Personas use only one to two elements, but I feel that her having four different elements is fitting. The only element I didn't cover for her was Shadow/Darkness because she is already using Light.

▶ Apt Pupil (Doubles the chance of delivering a Critical Hit.)
▷ Evade Physical (Triples evasion against Physical attacks.)
▷ Counterstrike (15% chance of repelling Physical attacks.)

Writing Sample

In the Capricorn ward...

Dear Mun entry...

[Garnet's eyes are closed and her chin is resting on her knee. There is something sad about her, though she isn't crying.]

The time we spent together wasn't the best.

[She slowly opens her eyes and touches the grass in front of her.]

But you were the only mother I knew. I never wanted anything bad to happen to you.

[Now a few tears fall, but she hides her face behind her hair. Her fingers curl against the grass and her shoulders shake the slightest bit.]

...I have to move on, Mother. [Releasing her hold on the grass, Garnet gets to her feet and wipes off the wetness on her cheeks.] My future is waiting for me and I'm going to face it. Nothing is going to stop me.

Not even...losing my friends. [And Zidane. She winces faintly before banishing the emotion with a sharp shake of her head.] Goodbye, Mother. Rest in peace.