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Someday I will be Queen, but I will always be myself.

I must protect my kingdom.

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Name:Garnet Til Alexandros XVII
Website:Pale Bird ( livejournal )

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adelbert steiner, adventure, alexander, alexandria, amarant coral, artemicion, bahamut, beatrix, becoming a queen, being a summoner, birds, black mages, black waltzes, bobby corwen, canaries, childhood horn, daggers, doctor tot, doves, eidolons, eiko carol, freedom, freya crescent, garland, healing, her people, i want to be your canary, kuja, lady hilda, lani, lord avon, loyalty, madain sari, melodies of life, mikoto, mischief, mist continent, necron, plays, prima vista, puck, queen brahne, quina quen, regent cid fabool ix, sarah, singing, sir fratley, songs, soulcage, stiltzkin, surprises, tantalus, the genomes, theater ship, vivi, zidane tribal, zorn and torn
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